About The Million Directory

Themilliondirectory.com is a free (with paid plans option) USA Business Listing Database that any business owner can use to register their business. Established in 2019 we focus on being a simple place where consumers can exchange their experience using the services from businesses registered here. For the business owner, it gives more online exposure and tools for their businesses.

 This platform is running by a small group of people located in different places within the United States of America. Every listing is manually checked and verified, so there are no spam or dangerous websites submitted on our database. Every listing should have at least 300 characters, be 100% original and must not contain anything related to Adult Content, Discrimination, Gambling or Hate Speech.

 If you own a business, massive or tiny, or if you're an agency that helps your clients' businesses get found on-line, The Million Directory could be a must on your list. We hope you can find this platform useful, best regards,

Freedom Web Crew.